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Each therapy and service we offer has its own set of advantages. Here are the ones our members love most


Silence the mind for a second. Experience the transformation of a balanced and healthier state of mind. The heart of all spiritual practices.

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Heal your life force(Ki) energy through a Reiki Master's manipulation. This type of spiritual healing therapy promotes a general well-being.

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Perceive your life from a different angle so you can make the right decisions. Should you let something go now? Every card has something to say.

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Clear any blurry situation you might be having in your life. See what your future might look like. Who knows, you might find out a hidden secret.

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Be in harmony with yourself

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what our meditators say:

"Great place to meditate and learn more about yoursef. The numerous workshops they have throughout the year are insightful, interesting and valuable."

"I assist to personal growth classes every Wednesday since 2015 and it is been and still is an amazing journey for me learn to go to my inner space and start to know me. Thank you for be in my path"